PhiloNummis Suggestions :

Browser & Bandwidth :
If your browser is slow like mine try the following steps :
  1. Display;
  2. Internet Options
  3. General Tab
  4. Internet Temporary Files
  5. Setup
  6. Never
  7. Ok
  8. Apply

Now the pages are read from the cache; simply hit the Reload button when you want to be sure to get the latest data but Frames, Menus and Navigation Commands will be FAST !

Browser & Display :
PhiloNummis is developed and tested in the following conditions :
  1. Windows 95/98
  2. Video 1024 x 768

My suggestion is to set Video Definition at 1024 x 768 in order to have the better view; otherwise you could have problems with frames. You will need also to scroll continously.

A good idea will be to work at full screen.

Click on  a1_01.gif (957 byte) icon in order to use all the display you can. Click it once again and the display will be as before.

Let's talk together !
I'm proud when somebody tells me that PhiloNummis helped him.

And i'm happy when somebody tells me what he would like or simply to tell me he is disappointed; so i can do better.

This site was built following your comments !

So, please, feel free to e-mail me or send me your Suggestions, Feedback or Comments.

I will allways thank you.

PhiloNummis ask you kindly to spend few seconds of your time to visit our Euro page. a2_01.gif (146 byte)
It's so difficult to see so many countries joined in a common project which requests the renounce
to one of the main sign of sovranity. We strongly hope that this is only the beginning for building a