Updates and future plans

1999, February            

1999, January Roman Republican Coins Catalog ; 100 coins
Auctions Calendar Update;
Numismatists Adresses Book Update with Homepages;
Registration as "www.PhiloNummis.com" at InterNic;
Registration at the Main Search Engines.
Affiliation to Webring (Numismatics) All  

1998, December Roman Republican Coins Catalog; 75 coins
Auctions Calendar Update : by Date and by Place;
Numismatists Adresses Book : Alfabetical and Geographical Order
Affiliation to Webring (Numismatics) at least 3 In progress

1998, November Roman Republican Coins Catalog 50 coins
Auctions Calendar management; Start
Bibliography : by Author and Subject > 100 titles Done

1998, October Navigation Menu bilingual start Abandoned
Start of Bibliography >50 titles Done
Start of Roman Republican Coins Catalog >25 coins In Progress
Logging to ICQ; Done

1998, September Site space reservation to Tripod Done
Start of PhiloNummis building Done